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My Favorite Pieces From!

Posted on February 04 2016

Hi booboos,

I wanted to do a closet special inside my personal closet and share with you my favorite pieces for being cute this season from!

My special trick is wearing nice comfortable leggings and a nice loose top and then just swapping out different cardigans and vests to give yourself a whole new outfit!

I love my mocha vest because it’s not real fur because I love animals and would never do anything to hurt them. It’s comfy and keeps you warm while looking good at the same time. What I also love is that it’s long so it covers the places where you feel insecure! I'm very insecure with my ass because I don’t have one! Every time I upload a video working out, everyone’s like "you don’t have a butt."

This is actually a sweater I love and you can wear it with anything. You can dress it down with boots or dress it up with jeans or a skirt and heels. It's nice and loose where you can tuck it in and not feel constricted. The material is soft and not itchy like some sweaters tend to be.

Now onto my cardigans! I love them because they cover everything. You want to be comfortable but you also want to look cute as well. With cardigans, you’re still dressy and can take it to the next level with nice heels and sequin pants.

The poncho is very popular too. It’s so gorgeous with knee-high black boots. So sexy!

Lastly, the cream long cardigan you can wear with anything! It hides everything I don’t want you to see and I feel like a boss! It’s loose which us moms love.

What are your favorite pieces from my shop?

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