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Talking All Things Halloween!

Posted on October 29 2015

Halloween is on Saturday and I wanted to share some of my favorite costumes with you and fill you in on some of my plans for this year.

My favorite costume besides the Snooki one was my pickle costume in Vegas. I was a pickle princess so it was all sequinned and I had green shoes and pickle makeup and it was dope!

These days for Halloween I don't do much since I have my babies but before them I would usually go out and get drunk and be a slutty bunny or something. But now that we have the kids we get them ready for Halloween and take them trick or treating and that's basically it. I'm boring now.

We are probably all going to do a themed costume this year like we do every year with the kids. Last year we were Ninja Turtles.

You really need to embrace Halloween if you want to enjoy it!! Go crazy with your costume! Have a happy Halloween!!

P.s. Don't forget you can get a free devil headband with any purchase in the Snooki Shop! xoxo


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