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Workout Outfit Inspiration: Kylie Jenner's Look

Posted on September 07 2015

So I know it’s September now and no one loves the fall season more than me but for all those of you who got your bodies in shape for the summer, you can’t lose it now!

Everyone should stay active and healthy! I know something that helps keep me motivated is cute workout gear. Whenever I get my hands on a new workout outfit, I get excited to use it. And I always recognize when other celebrities share workout selfies in their cute clothes. I’m loving Kylie Jenner’s workout style, especially for the fall. She likes to pair sports bras with leggings and I’m loving the look. The look keeps you just warm enough for when you’re not exercising, but doesn’t get in the way of your exercises!

We just got this XOXO sport bra in our new arrivals section and I’m obsessed, I want to use it all the time! 

We also have this Snooki classic sports bra.

For those of you too shy to bare your midriff, you can just throw on a tee over the sports bra.

There are a bunch of workout bottoms options in the Snooki Shop. There’s these high waist black tube pants,  sporty waistband shortshigh waisted paneled shorts and acid washed dolphin hem shorts.

You can even use these black knit leggings.

The best thing about it is that you can bring this look outside of the gym.

Pair your XOXO sport bra with black pleather capri pants 
or classic black pants and you got yourself a sexy look! This is a perfect outfit to strut out of the gym in, and keep rocking it around town!

Be proud of your workout and selfie your Snooki Shop workout outfits and tag me, booboos!



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