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Celebrity Style Inspiration: Katy Perry's Maxi Dress

Posted on August 31 2015

To me, one of the best clothing pieces to make the summer to fall easy is the maxi dress! It’s got that easy, breezy feel of summer but it still covers you up for the start of the colder weather. Wear a cute cardigan or a leather jacket over your maxi and you’re good to go! 

I recently saw Katy Perry work this maxi dress and realized that depending on how you styled it, you can take a maxi dress to the fall! 

This crochet back maxi dress has the same fun design that Katy is going for in the back. It’s a basic black so it can be styled however you want! 

If you want more black maxis (let’s be real, you can never have enough!) these two have beautiful cuts: the surplice cami maxi dress (made for a leather jacket!) and the surplice long black dress which can be layered with some cute necklaces. 

I’m also loving this tie dye maxi dress because the pattern is perfect for spring and summer but the color is dark enough so they it could work in the fall season.

If you want to be able to change around your top, you can grab a maxi skirt from The Snooki Shop, too! This striped one is so cute, how great would it be with a pretty white blouse?! You guys know how much I love the leopard so this maxi with a leopard waistband is seriously everything.

Best thing about maxi dresses is that I just don’t see them going out of style because I feel like everyone looks good in them, so they’re ready to go as soon as the weather is good! 

Let me see how you wear your maxi dresses, booboos! I love seeing your fashionista styles!


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