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Favorite Trend: Tattoo-Inspired Jewelry

Posted on July 23 2015

So after I read that backstory behind Jennifer Lawrence’s small tattoos, it just got me thinking about tattoos and how they’re always so in!

You guys already know how much I love tattoos and how much I love mine. They are so sexy and such an amazing way to express yourself and what’s important to you! 

It’s always so cool to be able to connect with people about tattoos, and I’ve been noticing that the hot tattoo trend recently is getting really small ones like J. Law did.

That’s why The Snooki Shop has just been stocked with accessories that were inspired by tattoo ideas that I like! 

For example, feathers are such a popular tattoo choice, so I’m loving this silver feather necklace.

I’ve also seen super cute dreamcatcher tattoos so this dreamcatcher gold ring is everything right now. It’s so beautiful and such an eye-catcher, people will be complimenting you on it all the time!

I’m also obsessed with this constellation necklace. Constellation tattoos are so cool!

I’m seeing all my girls rock it— Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Lily Allen— so I had to put it in the Snooki Shop!

I also want to share this angel wing ankle bracelet because the ankle is a popular area to get a tattoo. Can be well-hidden but is so cute when you spot it! Ankle bracelets are so fun to pair with a pair of cut-off shorts and sandals, the perfect summer vibe! 

Using cute and dainty jewelry to wear the same things as a tattoo is a great way to style your outfit without doing anything too permanent! 

Check out the rest of The Snooki Shop’s accessories to see the others that were inspired by tattoos. Let me know which ones are your favorites and show me how you style them! 


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