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Kardashian Summer Style: All White Outfit

Posted on July 15 2015

So I think everyone’s on the lookout to see how Kourtney Kardashian has been taking her breakup with Scott and I’m pretty sure we can agree that she is looking HOT!

She’s instagrammed a couple of pics with Kim and Khloe and they are all wearing all-white outfits and are all looking beautiful. Kim and Khloe also instagrammed their little kiki and it just made me think how the all-white trend is seriously blowing up this summer!

I mean, there’s just something special when you wear all white! It’s usually a great mix of elegant and sexy!

When I was thinking about this trend, literally the first thing I thought of was this lace crop top and skirt set. It is SO white-hot! I can see any of the Kardashians in it, I feel like it’s definitely Kim and Kylie’s style though.

What’s that fashion rule again about no white after Labor Day? I’m pretty sure that’s over because an all-white outfit feels like it’s always going to be in style.

You can recreate the vibe of that outfit with pants instead with this beautiful embroidered floral crop top and these distressed white boyfriend jeans.

You can also switch it up with this pleated a-line skirt with a cute belt. This white distressed t-sihirt with the distressed jeans is the most understated classic-sexy look ever! It looks like you’re not trying at all but you will be the baddest chick in the room for sure!

The Snooki Shop has a bunch of cute white tops as well as dresses (like this V-neck pleather dress) because I’m obsessed with the color so check them out and mix and match to create your head-to-toe look! Let me see your all-white style!

With the blank canvas of white, you can shine with bright accessories, keep is structured with black or you go for the classic with more white. It’s so fun to experiment with monochromatic looks and white is the color that will work on everybody!


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