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Celebrity Style for Less: Selena Gomez's Summer Style

Posted on July 06 2015

I just saw Selena Gomez work this outfit and i loved it so much I had to find the pieces from The Snooki Shop and recreate!

I always love it when I see celebrities wear something and I can think to myself, “I can totally get that look for less!”

And usually I like to change it up a little, but I think Selena chose amazing pieces to put together so I’m not going to mess with it!

She’s a mix of boho-chic and rocker-glam pulled together so that it doesn’t even look like she’s trying!

It’s already a perfect mix to me so let’s start recreating it!

First, you need this striped tank.

This one is perfect for the summer, you can wear it over and over again! It works well with all bottoms — white pants, denim shorts, a cute skirts — and Selena just happens to pair it with a pair of p/leather pants. I’m not sure if her pants are real leather or not but I’m a bigger fan of pleather anyways! It’s so much more animal-friendly! The pleather pants are good year-round too, perfect for a night out on the town with girlfriends or a date night!

That’s the best thing about this outfit, it’s made up of all these pieces that can work in any other outfit, depending on your style! So versatile!

The next thing to go for is a longline chiffon cardigan. This is a must-have in general. It comes in handy for those cool summer evenings!

Then all you have to do is finish off the look with a fringed flap bag. So boho-chic! This really pulls together your outfit without trying too hard. It’s a statement piece I think every girl should have!

And there you have it! Now you have an outfit inspired by Selena and all its pieces can be used all summer long!

I love doing this, so let me know what you guys think of my recreation! Or what you would do to change it up!




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