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Woman Crush Wednesday: Jennifer Lawrence Vision in White

Posted on July 01 2015

Jennifer Lawrence seems like she’d be so fun to hang out with!  She was just spotted at dinner and she was hamming it up for the paparazzi, totally putting on a show!

She was mock model-strutting, putting chopsticks in her mouth walrus-style and super exaggerated smiles! 

This is obviously someone who tries to make the best of having to deal with fame and paparazzi. That’s just what you have to do!

Like seriously, if she's looking for someone to have dinner and drinks with, hit me up girl! LOL

Anyways, when I was looking at those paparazzi shots I couldn’t help but notice what she was wearing because it was what made the whole fun vibe complete!

She was wearing this flowy white shift dress that moved so well with her fake model walk and just looked like it was made for shimmying! She perfectly styled it with little and delicate accessories and this great pair of black heels. 

Like this is literally the perfect dress to go out and just dance the night away in!

After seeing her pics, it made me want to wear The Snooki Shop’s lace panel shift dress, which is almost identical to Jennifer’s dress, and do exactly that!

The great thing about these dresses are that they’re great for a night out but they also work perfectly for a nice brunch or a date in the park.

It’s so comfortable and it flatters every body shape out there! 

Take a cue from Jennifer and get the look for less and strut your stuff! 

I just think it’s such a sexy dress and it’s also 20% off right now so make sure you grab one before we run out! Remember to take lots of photos when you get yours!


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