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Fourth of July Fashion and The Americana Trend!

Posted on June 29 2015

The fourth of July is almost here! I know, I can’t believe it it either, this summer is already going by way too fast!

Independence Day is all about enjoying the day off with BBQ and pool parties and of course showing your patriotism.

This is the time of the year to pull out your red, white, and blue. Don’t go out in anything else!

If you ask me, I say go all out and wear something that has our beautiful flag’s design on it!

If you don’t have anything yet, I got you covered! 

The Snooki Shop has some of the best designs with the US flag on it because they’re cute and stylish enough that you can wear them any day of the year too!

This tank top is one of my favorites, it uses the softest cotton fabric! Plus, it has a loose cut so it looks good on literally everyone and will hide your problem spots!

We also have this All-American tee which features the stars and stripes on the sleeves and is just such a cute design! It’s really minimal, so it’s made for the low-key person that still wants to get involved! You’ll look so effortless and because it’s loose-fitting, it’s super comfortable as well.

We also have this cap sleeve t-shirt with the flag design in the number 86. Perfect for a casual BBQ party! 

Pair any of them with a classic pair of jeans or denim shorts and you’re good to go! If you’re feeling it, a few accessories in those colors never hurt either! 

If you’re not really that into being THAT festive, then The Snooki Shop also has some really cute red/white/blue/some combination of that shirts and dresses that you can wear too! 

Just go order now to get yours in time for all your celebrations and festivities, and before we run out of stock! 

Wishing everyone a great July 4th ahead of time!

Love always,



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