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Timeless Clothing Trends: Backless Dresses for Summer

Posted on June 26 2015

I think the backless dress is one of the sexiest, classiest fashion trends EVER! It will seriously never go out of style and it’s just so eye-catching without trying too hard. That’s why I’m so excited it’s summer time, because it’s the perfect weather to wear them! Anyone that’s ever worked a backless dress before knows, you can get so confident wearing one! It’s a fresh, glamorous alternative to showing cleavage and looks good on any shape or size! It can even help you hide some imperfections.

Since they are the perfect combination of sexy and elegant, they’re suitable for all kinds of occasions. Definitely the definition of a closet staple!

This black maxi dress from The Snooki Shop for instance, would work for a day out shopping, a date night, an evening out with girlfriend, or even as a beach cover-up! It’s all about business in the front, party in the back!


Another thing about backless dresses is that they don’t even need a lot of accessorizing! They make such a statement while keeping mysterious and subtle, so you’re ready to strut your stuff as soon as you put it on!This is a great chance though, to play around with your hair. Backless dresses were made for some beautiful up-dos, anything from an elegant braid to a messy bun would work!

Let me know how you feel in your Snooki Shop backless pieces! XOXOXO

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