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Celebrity Style for Less: Cara Delevingne

Posted on June 24 2015

Is anyone starting to get obsessed with Cara Delevingne like I am? At first I kind of just knew her for her fierce eyebrows but she’s been modeling everywhere and has been spotted with everyone! She seems like she’d be so fun to hang out with and even though we have completely different bodies, I feel like we have similar styles! She was spotted wearing this gorgeous, vibrant paisley-patterned mini dress that could pass for a romper, and you all know how obsessed I am with rompers! I could stay in a romper all day, and they’re just perfect for summer. I just don’t see them going out of style any time soon! One of my favorite things about them is that they’re as comfortable and easy as wearing a dress but you don’t have to worry about flashing anyone LOL. Literally made for running errands in and then having a fun evening out with girlfriends! Another thing that’s amazing about rompers is that they require the least amount of work, they just come ready, all polished and stylish!

My favorite romper right now is The Snooki Shop’s, which is also a paisley-printed romper just like Cara’s. Even though Cara and I look completely different, rompers would work on the both of us because they just flatter every body type. The romper at The Snooki Shop is vibrant and fun like Cara’s and its color palette (white, aqua, pink) would flatter every skin tone, I seriously have to stop myself from wearing it every day!

To get away with wearing it on a weekly basis, I just accessorize differently! Cara put on trendy sunglasses, dainty layered necklaces, and strappy heels, and that is a look that would work for The Snooki Shop’s romper too! I will also slide on chunky bangles or even a statement belt, depending on the romper. You can even class them up with a fancy blazer or a leather jacket.

If you're obsessed with rompers too, let me know why!

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