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How To Apply Summer Fragrances The Snooki Way!

Posted on June 22 2015

It’s summer and I’m sure you guys all know how important it is to keep smelling fresh and pretty in the heat!

To avoid smelling like a sweaty mess, you need a good perfume and you need to wear it right!

My two perfumes, available now at The Snooki Shop is, perfect for the summer because it’s fresh and feminine with a playful sexiness, everything a summer fragrance should be! Summer scents should be light to balance the heat, so think citrus, delicate florals and juicy summer fruits.

My Snooki Couture For Women By Nicole Polizzi Eau De Parfum Spray women's fragrance possesses a blend of Meyer lemon, Fuji apple blossom, Pink honeysuckle, White musk and cashmere woods.

On the other hand, my Snooki For Women By Nicole Polizzi Eau De Parfum Spray features the following notes:  chilled lychee, quince flower, cool kiwi, pink cupcake accord, white jasmine flower, beach flower, sexy woods, seaside driftwood and sugared musk. Both sound perfect to balance the heat and humidity!

My scents are on sale now at The Snooki Shop so make them your scents of the summer! We’ve already sold out before, so don’t miss your chance to get them!

Once you get them, here are some tips to wear them…

Most perfume works best when applied to the base of the throat, wrists, or back of the neck. It's activated by heat, so find your pulse points!

You can also add it to your clothing like a light scarf or your t-shirt because fragrances usually last longer when they’re sprayed onto fabrics. If you really want to keep your scent strong all day long, this is a good way to do it!

You can also spray it into your hair to keep it delicate and subtle. If you'd rather not spray directly into your hair, you can also spritz a bit of it on your hairbrush and work it in that way! Or maybe even add it onto your pillow to keep your hair and dreams sweet!

The important thing is just not to go overboard with the spraying. Keep it light and sweet like how the perfume itself smells!

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