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Timeless Trends: Leopard for Summer

Posted on June 17 2015

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE leopard print! Maybe even obsessed! I just think it’s the best print ever - it’s flirty, looks good on everyone, and is timeless!

I can wear leopard anytime but there’s something special about wearing it in the summer, it’s just perfect for those long summer days!

Of course you know that The Snooki Shop is stocked with things with leopard print because I would not have it any other way.

My favorite leopard piece in the shop right now is this romper. It's playful, flirty and fun, exactly what a leopard-print piece should be all bout! The fabric is super comfortable too, so perfect for a summer barbecue or a day out on the town. Like all my pieces, it'll look good on all sizes! I cannot wait to see you guys work your fierce with this romper!

This leopard bandeau is also a summer staple that you can incorporate into your look again and again. The leopard print adds a pop of fun to see-through or low-cut tops! You can even use it on its own at a fun summer festival or a chill day on the beach!

For those that are still just easing leopard into their everyday wear, accessories are the way to go! This floppy straw hat is my favorite thing! Such a cute way to liven up a sundress, and it is seriously made for a day at the beach!

This ultra-light, sheer leopard scarf is perfect for wrapping around a light blouse or dress too! It's so sleek and will make you look breezy and beautiful as you float around in it!

For those summer nights out, you NEED this leopard print sarong. This is going to keep you cozy while looking chic! It's one of those pieces you can wear anywhere, anytime, with anything!

Another way to incorporate leopard into your look is with tops that use it as a detail, like this mint leopard top. It's a twist on the color, which makes it fresh and vibrant!

This maxi with a leopard waistband is another way to add a pop of fun to a casual look. Maxis are so in and I was so excited to be able to incorporate this fun print!

Now for the true leopard lovers out there like me, this tab-sleeve top is a must-have!! I think a leopard blouse is just a must-have for any girl though! It is PERFECT for date night or a Girls Night Out! You can even dress it up and make it ready for a business meeting. It is so versatile and the perfect mix of classy and sexy!

Finally... you didn't think I'd forget my beloved leopard slippers, did you?! These are a must-have for lounging around home on those lazy summer days! There's the classic leopard print... the pink leopard print... and the new blue leopard print, like walking on clouds! Get these leopard looks NOW at The Snooki Shop. Everyone loves leopard so don't wait until we run out!

XOXO Nicole


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