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Celeb Style: Chrissy Teigen's look For Less

Posted on June 04 2015

I love Chrissy Teigen, I think she has the best style! When she’s not busy being a supermodel, I get the vibe that she’s just a super normal, fun girl.

She always slays on the red carpet, but I love it when I see her in everyday clothes, like this hot and stylish but comfortable outfit she wore to the airport!

That’s the look I usually go for when I’m heading to the airport or running errands too, so I made sure to stock The Snooki Shop with all the pieces to the outfit! You’ll be feeling ready to take on any paparazzi with this outfit, trust me! 

The first piece is this classic black tee with paint splatters. I think it freshens up any look, it’s the perfect top for a lazy day!

The second are these pleather capri pants. I mean, can you imagine that black tee with these pants? FIRE! Plus, you need some well-fitting bottoms because the next piece is this flowing long line chiffon coat.

It wears and floats like a dream!! So comfortable, I always want to throw it on with every outfit! It’s super light and will pull together the whole outfit.

And then comes the best part, accessorizing!

I think every girl should have this fringed black bag. I think you guys already know how much I love fringe, and for those that want to introduce some into the closet, this bag is the perfect start! It’s so cute, I always get compliments on it when I use it!

This outfit works for literally any hour of the day, but if you’re heading out on a sunny day, take some sunglasses! The Snooki Shop has all my favorite styles, so let me know which one is your favorite!

Make sure and hurry to get all these pieces before we run out of stock! They are all closet staples so they’re going fast! You can buy them all HERE at the Snooki Shop!


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