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Timeless Trends: Pleather

Posted on June 01 2015

Pleather is just classy. Always has been, always will be!

Everyone loves how they look in a nice leather jacket or pants, but some might feel guilty since authentic leather is not vegan-friendly at all. So if you’re an animal lover like me, pleather will always be the easy choice! It looks the exact same and is much easier to care for!

Pleather seems to get better with each wear, working in the same way that you want your leather jacket to have a worn-in feel. BUT it’s way better because it won’t become discolored or stretch out over time. Pleather doesn’t wrinkle and it’s waterproof! Plus, it travels really well. Magical! For someone like me who loves to travel, I usually try to sneak in something pleather in my suitcase because it’s so versatile.

The Snooki Shop has a pair of pleather pants that I loveee. It’s always such a good option for a Girls’ Night Out, any time of the year! The soft pleather fabric is super comfortable but will make you look totally hot!

And because it’s so versatile, it can work its way into any closet — rockers, hipsters, fashionistas — everyone can use some pleather!

It’s tough, chic, and sexy!


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