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Closet Staple: The Cardigan

Posted on May 21 2015

Here’s a piece of clothing you guys may be surprised to hear is a summer staple: the cardigan! I know everyone is probably thinking, layers in summer?! But cardigans are light enough to not make you sweat and they can totally pull a look together. Plus, it’ll be a lifesaver if you’re in a chilly building or if you’re still out in the evening. Trust me, you’re gonna be glad you had one on hand when the time comes.

The Snooki Shop currently has some of my favorite styles of cardigan in stock, like this draped one with a classy neutral color-blocked pattern that can liven up any outfit.

Another reason I love cardigans is because they work on any body type! The Snooki Shop is all about loving all body types and clothes that will bring confidence!

My girl Kelly Clarkson, who has been glowing since becoming a mom, rocked a striped cardigan the other day. This striped cardigan is similar to hers but has a color that matches better with everything.

Then, I saw Miley Cyrus rock two different crocheted cardigans which reminded me of our almost-identical version. We also have other knit versions because I’m obsessed. I can already imagine bringing this one to the beach and wearing it when you start a bonfire after the sun sets! Knit cardigans staple and can be used all year long, not just in the summer!

That’s probably the best thing about cardigans: they’re timeless! I know I said they’re a summer staple but really they’re just a closet staple!

So check out my favorite styles and show me how you work your Snooki Shop cardigans this summer!



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