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Style Trend: Black and White Stripes

Posted on May 19 2015

I feel like a lot of people underestimate how good they can look in stripes! They think that it might make you look fat, especially if it's horizontal stripes, but it's just about the opposite! Stripes can make you look sleek and polished!

I was first inspired when I saw Beyonce, everyone's queen, work it in a black and white striped dress. The Snooki Shop has a similar dress with an amazing back detail! It's a dead ringer for the pretty dress Lauren Conrad wore for a shoot!

My shop is filled with lots of striped products because I'm obsessed! It's definitely one of the easiest patterns to wear, in any color. It looks good when the stripes are different sizes, when they're vertical stripes, and when they go in different directions! They can stand on their own without accessories so you can just throw it on and step out looking put-together, but they also go well with whatever look you're going for with accesssories!

After I saw Bey wear her striped dresses, I started noticing other celebrities who share my love for stripes! The Kardashian sisters definitely have multiple black-and-white striped dresses! This Snooki Shop original looks a lot like Kourtney's t-shirt dress. It's ultra-comfortable and so good for running errands but looking stylish at the same time!

Throw on anything you want with it -- bomber jacket, sunglasses, statement jewelry -- it's gonna work! Get obsessed with stripes with me, the perfect mix of classic and trendy!

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